1 June 2015

Samsung | Next Is Now

at: Caviar Digital

The Next is Now campaign, for the completely redesigned Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, is part of one of Samsung’s biggest launches in recent years. Next is Now will be featured around the globe, supporting all campaign components, including television, digital, experiential, OOH and retail activations.

The digital experience comes in three parts. 3 different events that all show an awesome feature of the new phone.
The website consists out of video content and social media feeds. Everyday new content is released and users can scroll through the content by using the timeline. The 3 main events have their own page showing the soical media feeds, photos and videos from the actual event and the phone feature that is used during this event.
The digital experience works on desktop and mobile.

samsung-desktop-_0000_1landing samsung-desktop-_0001_2countdown samsung-desktop-_0002_3timeline samsung-desktop-_0003_3.2landingtimeline samsung-desktop-_0004_4eventpage samsung-desktop-_0005_5feed samsung-desktop-_0006_6productfeaturesmobile-collage


14 April 2015

The Weather Channel

at: Caviar Digital

To promote the new The Weather Channel app, we build an installation where people could sign in and present the weather themselves.
The installation was built on Chelsea Market in New York. After you signed up using a touch screen, you could present the weather next to a giant iPhone which displayed the new app.

twc-start twc-sign up twc-confirmation

18 February 2015

Febreze | A roadtrip

at: Caviar Digital

A real-time online-broadcasted reality show, taking place across the whole of Europe. Over 21 days, 3 British guys embark on a road trip during which they have to perform unexpected tasks and overcome challenges that will cause a bit of a stink. A fully integrated production approach that included everything from the first concepts & designs to the casting process, the storytelling, the development of the YouTube gadget, the online moderation systems up to the final edits.


febreze-collageFebreze-top Febreze-imageFebreze-mapFebreze-ipadapp

15 July 2014

Newcastle | If we won

at: Caviar Digital

As a follow up to the Newcastle No Bollock campaign, we created "If we won". It's mocking with the Americans showing how the cities could have been named if the British won the civil war. Users could enter their city and got to see a customized Google Maps map showing the British city name.

newcastle-_0000_landing newcastle-_0001_new york newcastle-_0002_new york zoomout

22 May 2014

Newcastle | No Bollocks

At: Caviar Digital

Featured: Adweek, best ad of 2014

During the Superbowl a lot of brands pay a lot of money to advertise their commercials. Newcastle didn't, Newcastle said No Bollocks and started their own Superbowl campaign telling what they could have done if they made a super mega huge commerical.

We created the site for the campaign they didn't made. Imagine the site we would’ve built if they could have afforded it: we would’ve launched it with a retina scan cyber-pairing connection, which analyzed the user’s DNA through the pupils to deliver a personality-specific digital experience. The site would’ve connected intuitively with your mobile device and fluently logged into your social media accounts, allowing you to instantly share your opinion about this super huge football ad they couldn’t afford. Augmented reality cats would have skated all over your room. You would have loved it.


22 April 2014

Starbucks | Share Joy

at: Caviar Digital

Every christmas Starbucks has a holiday campaign. In 2013 it was the "Share Joy" campaign. We created a website where people could leave a message, a wish, a sweet note to another to share the holiday joy.