18 February 2015

Proviz | Out of the dark

at: Caviar Digital

Featured: FWA Site of the day

Visit experience: Proviz Out of The Dark

An immersive experience that takes the user on a thrilling night ride through the dark streets of London. This concept was born out of the insight that being safe on the road as a cyclist could be as easy as flipping a switch. On the surface, our journey is seemingly normal, however the click of a button will reveal a parallel world that illustrates the product benefit in a striking and dramatic way.

Proviz-landing Proviz-crash Proviz-switch Proviz-gif-example

15 July 2014

Newcastle | If we won

at: Caviar Digital

As a follow up to the Newcastle No Bollock campaign, we created "If we won". It's mocking with the Americans showing how the cities could have been named if the British won the civil war. Users could enter their city and got to see a customized Google Maps map showing the British city name.

newcastle-_0000_landing newcastle-_0001_new york newcastle-_0002_new york zoomout