Digital Launch

I started Digital Launch in 2017. After working in SEA for almost 2 years I noticed there was a need for UX design. Especially in Vietnam many companies did not know what it was or did not know it was something they needed. Local graphic designers were transitioning into UX UI Designers but were lacking the knowledge of a UX background. I saw an opportunity for change and improvement and started my own company. My USP was my own UX skills. After I landed my first assignment things started to move rapidly and much faster than I anticipated or was prepared for. What started as a side hustle became my full time job.

Opening a business is easy, anyone can do it. To turn this into something successful is the hard part. Probably one of the hardest things you have to do, and to make it even harder, you have to do it in a highly competitive environment. If you want to be the best it means you are competing with the best as well. Many founders are working 80-100 hours a week to make it work. Is it worth it? You don’t know yet. 

Being a first time business owner in a country that is not your own and with a very different working culture than the Netherlands this was quite the challenge. Starting with only 2 team members I can now proudly say we are with 12 strong key members. Our team consists out of design, development, marketing and sales. Want to collaborate? Send us a message

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