Women In Business Sector Committee


I am a proud board member of the EuroCham Women In Business Sector Committee. 

The WIB SC is composed of organizations and individuals that are committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace and in business organizations. The WIB SC will also provide an influential platform for women in business to advocate for gender equality in Vietnam, which will increase the profitability of EU-invested companies in Vietnam.

Being a female in tech myself I also experienced challengers during my career that might not have occured if I was a male. For example I once received a phonecall from someone who wanted to speak with the "boss" of the company Digital Launch. As it is my company and I am the "boss" I kindly told this person "This is she". I was then asked if there was a male around to talk to. This is a small example but sets the tone for the experiences that women sometimes have.

Women In Business hosts events and workshops that will hopefully raise awareness and make change.


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